VIDEO: Sanni – ‘2080 Luvulla’

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What’s a 2080 Luvulla? It’s the new single and video by Finnish popstrel Sanni. We think she’s referring to a point in the future – 2080. Luvulla means century.
What’s it like? A stunner of a ballad that will give you a major case of the sads even if you don’t understand a word of Finnish. It’s the melody first and foremost, coupled with the fragility and innocence of her vocal. And the music itself is genuinely epic – that last minute in particular is almost TOO MUCH.
Has it been a hit in Finland yet? Oh yes. Number 1. And even though we try not to go down this route with Nordic language songs, we just CAN’T help but think how big of a global hit this could be if it were a song performed in English by a well known singer. It matters not though – it’s an incredible song as it is, with Sanni at the helm, performing it in her native language.
More from Sanni? Check out ‘Me Ei Olla Enää Me’ from 2013, which we also loved.


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