VIDEO: Rhys – ‘No Vacancy’

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NEW RHYS! After the melancholic beauty that was ‘Maybe I Will Learn’, Swedish artist Rhys is back with a new single and video, ‘No Vacancy’. And she’s increased the tempo once more.
What does Rhys say? “‘No Vacancy’ is about my current boyfriend. Now everything is great, but he was a bit of a player when we started to see each other, one might say. Parts of the text are direct quotes from him, so I think I should thank him for that – he gave me a good song! When I wrote it, we were already together and I said ‘Today I’ll write a song about you, it will be really beautiful!’ Then I came home and said, ‘Yes, I wrote a song about you, but it may not be so nice.’”
What does Scandipop say? It’s a song that toes the line between the Rhys Banger (‘Last Dance’ and ‘Too Good To Be True’), and the Rhys Ballad (‘Maybe I Will Learn’ and ‘The World Is A Beautiful Place’). Not as instant as any of those four songs (all of which you can find right here), but a top-quality tune that rewards the listener upon repeated plays.
Written by? Rhys herself, along with Jörgen Elofsson – who also produced it, along with Ugly Babies.

You can find ‘No Vacancy’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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