Who? From Iceland, Hildur Kristín Stefánsdóttir and Ragna Kjartansdóttir have formed a new duo, Red Riot. Both women have been releasing music as artists in their own right – as Hildur and Cell7, respectively. This is a nice new side project that they started when Iceland first shut everything else down due to COVID.
And what? Last month they released their debut single – ‘Bounce Back’. Over the weekend they released the music video.
What’s it like? Quite different to what either artist has done before, ‘Bounce Back’ goes down the route of some deep and dirty house music, with a definite electropop vibe to it.
More from Red Riot? Due to all of the time they had last year to get creative, there are plenty more tunes in the bag! All on their way.

You can find ‘Bounce Back’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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