And can I GENUINELY turn this one up louder? Oh yes. This is a tune and a half that is half ‘Pon De Replay’ (Rihanna) and half ‘WHOOP’ (Holly Valance). Seriously – that good. And it’s competing to represent Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
Raylee’s turning out to be quite the revelation isn’t she? First ‘Wish For You’ and now this. Whatever happens in Oslo Spectrum on March 14th, we think it’ll be a good year for her. And thus for pop fans.
And now there’s a video for ‘Louder’. Which contains both choreographed fighting and choreographed dancing.
Written by? Andreas Stone Johansson and Ricky Hanley.
And what’s its Melodi Grand Prix competition? You can hear the other ten songs competing to represent Norway at Eurovision right here.


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