VIDEO: Patrik Jean – ‘Come Through’

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(photo: Magnus Ragnvid)

What’s this? Swedish artist Patrik Jean has launched the release of his next EP – ‘Consequence’ – with a brand-new single, ‘Come Through’. And today, he’s released a performace music vid for said tune.
Come Throoouuuugh! A typically soulful offering from Patrik, but this time with an experimental vocal spin on things, and a stylishly subtle and unitrusive synthpop undercurrent running through it.
Yaaaassssss! It’s definitely a yes from us – hearing him put yet another new stamp on his trademark sound and it still managing to sound precisely what we want from him.
Slaaaayyyy! And with this slightly altered vocal trick he’s pulled, it further cements his status as one of Sweden’s best vocalists.
Queeeennn! The song lyrics are inspired by his own experience of coming out as gay.

You can find ‘Come Through’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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