VIDEO: Ola – ‘This Could Be Paradise’

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Ola Svensson! Winner of Best Male in the Scandipop Awards two year running. And this is one of the many reasons. Here’s what we wrote about the song itself last year. And now here’s the video.
What happens in it? Ola covers himself in glitter and writhes around in mourning for the loss of acceptance in certain parts of the world. There’s a lot to be admired in a straight male popstar singing a song about equality regardless of sexuality, and then releasing it in Russia (it’s yet to be released in Sweden or anywhere else). And then the admiration shoots up tenfold when said song happens to be SO DAMN GOOD.
Choice lyric? It’s got to be the beginning of the second verse. “Rainbows are crying. Hope you’re a fighter. Please don’t apologise”.
When’s it out elsewhere? We don’t know. And he’ll probably be in touch with Daily Motion requesting that the vid gets taken down, as he has a bizarre obsession with staggering releases throughout different territories, and attempting to fight the internet. But we think it’s worth a look and a listen, so we’re passing it on. Here you go;

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