What’s this? Hot on the heels of her Christmas ballad ‘Red Dress‘, Sweden’s Nova Miller is out with another new single for the season – ‘Only When It Snows’.
What’s it like? A joyous, festive up-tempo that’s as catchy as it is camp. And listen out for the five-octave vocal showcasing at the end! The music video – incredibly – manages to match the Christmas kitsch of the song itself.
What does Nova say? “This is an emotional festive Christmas anthem!! I love this song so much. It’s about missing that one person a little extra when December comes around. Christmas time is the perfect time to be in love, you just wanna snuggle up and be cozy with your boo. The rest of the year you’re okay, you just miss when they held you a little extra, you miss them only when it snows.”
Written by? Nova herself, along with Duck Blackwell, Andrew Jackson and Bryn Christopher.

You can find ‘Only When It Snows’ on our A Scandipop Christmas playlist.

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