NOTD? It’s pronounced ‘noted’, FYI.
Ah. And they are? Samuel Brandt and Tobias Danielsson from Stockholm in Sweden. They rose through the ranks as remixers for other artists, and are now producing bangers for themselves. Here’s their latest one – ‘I Wanna Know’, featuring Bea Miller. It’s been racking up MILLIONS and MILLIONS of streams since its released, and this week they’ve also put out a video for it.
What’s it like? A dance track which sounds like a pop song. Which is our favourite kind of dance track. And actually, our favourite kind of pop song too. We like this tune a lot, needless to say.
Let’s hear some of those remixes they’ve done then! Here’s their release of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’. And ‘There’s Nothin Holdin Me Back’ by Shawn Mendes.

You can find ‘I Wanna Know’ on our Best New Dance playlist.

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