(photo: Mads Suhr Pettersen)

What’s this? After the release of their debut single ‘Firefly‘, Norwegian group NorthKid are back with the follow-up single, the video for which they’ve just released. Check out ‘MONO’, below.
What’s it like? It’s a bit of an epic, this one. The band have turned in an absolute anthem of a song that veers between being perfect for the pop-loving masses, while pitching itself as a contender for stadium-rock notoriety. Play it loud.
Written by? ‘MONO’ is written by band members Helge Reinsnes Moen and Håkon Mathias Guttormsen, and, according to them, “even though it’s cute and upbeat, the song is about feeling lonely and missing the girl who dumped you. And reminiscing back to the good old days when you were… ‘Stereo’.” The track is produced by Tord Øverland Knudsen (The Wombats) and Daniel Eriksen (producer signed to Deadmau5′ label).
What do the boys have to say about it? Helge tells us; “I wrote the song after i went through a pretty bad break up. The chorus was conceived on the bus ride home from picking up all my stuff at her apartment. I realised, that for the first time in many years, it’s just me now. Five minutes later I had the whole thing penned down in my head”. Sebastian meanwhile, reckons that “This is probably the saddest song since Akon’s ‘Lonely'”. And Bilal says; “‘MONO’ is filled with all the safe situations that now only makes you think of your ex, and that’s why it’s so sad. Like in the second verse where I sing “So I’m alone in my room eating sushi made for two””. N’aaaaw. The guys don’t lie – it’s a weeper. But in the most enjoyable way possible. Have a listen before its release tomorrow;

You can find ‘MONO’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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