VIDEO: Neon Capital – ‘Grow A New Heart’

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Who? A brand-new synthpop outfit from Denmark, comprised of producer and writer Martin Bøge Pedersen, along with Jakob Weise Hellum. Neon Capital was born out of a love and appreciation for everything from the ’80s. And the music will be a veritable love letter to that era. Drum machines, synths and distortion.
And the music? Debut single ‘Grow A New Heart’ was released earlier this month. And true to the band’s promise, it’s a synthpop stunner that’s brimming with drama, overcome with heartbreak and produced so well that it manages to evoke exactly the sort of imagery it was supposed to. And just in case you need a helping hand with said imagery, the music video was released today, and is awash with essential nostalgia from the era.
And that’s a familiar vocalist I hear. THAT, readers, is the triumphant return Stine Hjelm Jacobsen – a voice you may recognise from the band she was in with Martin, Electric Lady Lab.
Written by? Neon Capital, along with Anders Grahn, Clare Reynolds and Pär Westerlund

You can find ‘Grow A New Heart’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.


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