What’s this? The music video for the latest single from Swedish singer and songwriter Linnea Södahl – aka Nea – ‘Drunk Enough To’.
What’s the song like? A shining example of Nea’s talent for crafting the most top-tier of melodies and pairing them with the perfect lyrics. And it serves as the lead single from Nea’s debut EP, ‘Some Say’.
Ooooh, what’s on the EP? The hits ‘Some Say’ and ‘Dedicated’, the brand-new track ‘Used To’, her cover of the song she wrote for Zara Larsson ‘TG4M’, plus brand-new single ‘Drunk Enough To’.
What does Nea say?The EP is made up of the songs I just couldn’t give to anyone else. It was like they were meant for me, without me even knowing it myself when several of them were written. They are the songs that I love most and that mean the most to me. They are the songs that opened the door between the songwriter Linnea and the artist Nea.
More from Nea? She recently contribited to this interpolation of Eiffel 65’s ‘Blue’. And below you can listen to the new EP and watch the music vid for the latest single.

You can find ‘Drunk Enough To’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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