Those are some names! And some vocals, too! Swedish artist Molly Hammar has enlisted the assistance of some other Scandipop faves on her latest single ‘Get To Know Me First’ – featuring Norway’s Julie Bergan and Sweden’s AWA. And today sees the release of the visuals.
What’s it like? A smooth, mid-tempo r&b track that somehow leans into the current disco trend without ever using any of the elements of said genre. It does feature a nice retro fade-out, however, AND a pleasing key change. Though the real star of this song is the combination of these three voices together – which works so wonderfully.
What does Molly say? “When I wrote the lyrics for ‘Get To Know Me First’, it started as a celebration of single life, but then evolved as a call for all women to dare to set boundaries and not ‘settle for less’. I was so happy when Awa and Julie jumped on the song as I think they are awesome and want us women to continue to support each other more than ever. This song is a tribute to all women.
What does AWA say?‘Get To Know Me First’ makes me happy. It makes me feel sexy, free and powerful. Even more so since I’m releasing this with my female friends. And yes, I have to point out that we are women because we always get compared to each other and especially in the industry we are in! It’s like a slap in the face to that, we are here to celebrate one another. I’m a huge advocate that self-love is the most important love. After being in a rut not knowing who I was, putting myself first helped me step into my power again. Setting boundaries and knowing what you want and demanding it, which is what this song is about is a crucial part in yourself love practice! I hope we can inspire you to love every part of yourself and not allow people to minimise you. Get to know and love you first, and the rest will follow.
What does Julie say?‘Get To Know Me First’ is such a feel good tune and I’m thrilled to be singing with such talents and a my girls Molly and Awa. I love collaborating with other artists, but all female collabs feel extra special to me. People are always trying to pitch girls against each other, when we actually feel the opposite way! We support each other and have each other’s back. I hope this song can inspire other women to not be afraid to set their own boundaries, to know their worth and also inspire other women to applaud one another.
Written by? Molly Hammar, Benjamin Ingrosso, Mack and Philip Holmgren.

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