Who? Meet Maydar, an independent artist and music producer from Stockholm. This is her new single ‘Sweet Talk’, the video for which she released yesterday.
What does Maydar say? “Sweet Talk is very personal to me. I’m seeking revenge. But not only in the aspect of being in love and getting hurt by someone else – I’m also eager to face my own past, history and the structures I’ve inherited.”
What does Scandipop say? The vocal riff on this is intensely good. So catchy, that we couldn’t help but fall hard for it on first listen. Less than halfway through that first listen, too!
Written by? Maydar herself, along with Tony Lindmark, Karl Ivert and Ariana Cubillos Voegler. Produced by Hampus Westermark.
More from Maydar? Though it’s the first one we’ve featured on here, this is her fourth single this year. Check out her previous releases over on her Spotify profile.

You can find ‘Sweet Talk’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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