VIDEO: Marlene & Ji Nilsson – ‘There’

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What, like, both? On the same song? What have we done to deserve this?! Nothing, probably. Or perhaps you just responded so well to their 2014 collaboration, that they decided to go at it again. But either way, two of the most talented artists in Sweden have gotten together for a new single. So there.
There. ‘There’.
What’s it like? DEVASTATINGLY GOOD!!! It’s a brilliant song in its own right – a synthpop track that seems to pick up the pace as it plays along, with the beat just snowballing to a practically dance-floor-ready final chorus. But to have Marlene sing it. AND Ji Nilsson. It’s incredible.
Written by? The two ladies themselves. They also produced it too. AND they give us the perfect visual of when two friends choreograph a routine for themselves too, in the music video for the single which was released yesterday.

You can find ‘There’ on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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