VIDEO: Marion Raven – ‘Better Than This’

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MarionRavenBetterThanThisVideo e1424023880809

Oh yes. Oh YES! One of our favourite ballads of the winter period has just had a video made for it. ‘Better Than This’ by Norway’s Marion Raven. Here’s what we wrote about the song originally.
What happens in it? Marion does a Sia – by drafting in a young lookalike girl to do a lot of the work for her.
Best bit? During that DIVINE instrumental middle eight, during which we get to see Marion let rip on the piano.
What this song needs is a big stage performance. And below you can watch her perform it at the final of Idol, along with a video which serves as a story-of-Idol-2014 thing. Or you can watch her NRK performance, if you fancy seeing more of Marion.


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