Well thank goodness ‘Last Breath’ wasn’t actually his last breath musically. Indeed. And after a big hit scored off of Melodifestivalen, Swedish artist LIAMOO is now back with the follow-up.
What’s he come out with? Quite a lot actually. A new single, a new video, and a debut EP.
What’s the single? ‘Nothing Here’, written with Ana Diaz, Joy Deb, Trey Campbell, and Anton Hård af Segerstad. It’s a superb track with a gorgeous melody – and continues LIAMOO’s trademark of making great pop, with his own unique edge to it. Yesterday, he performed the track on Swedish TV, the performance of which you can watch below.
What else is on the EP? The more souped-up and dance-y ‘All On You’, and also ‘Selfish’ – which is quite similar to ‘Last Breath’ in tone, and in the fact that it has LIAMOO both rapping and singing. You can check out the full EP right here.

You can find ‘Nothing Here’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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