(photo: Per Heimly)

What’s this? Norwegian trio KEiiNO are back with a brand-new single, the music video for which they have released today. And it’s something a little different for them. ‘A Winter’s Night’.
What’s so different about it? Not only is it a Christmas single, it’s a beautiful, winter-warmer of a ballad. Their very first.
Can you joik on a Christmas ballad? Fred can!
Lovely. And what’s even lovelier is that the band are donating half of the profits to a Norwegian Mental Health helpline, in recognition of how difficult lockdowns have been for people around the world this year.
What to the band say? “We like to change our personal playlists when it starts to get cold, the rain whips on the window and the wind howls outside the door. So we wanted to make a song that could give the listener a bit of the same effect as a big, soft blanket. At the same time, we wanted to address a theme that is important as we approach Christmas, a time that can evoke memories that make loneliness extra painful.
Written by? The trio themselves, along with Alexander Olsson and Stein Roger Sordal.

You can find ‘A Winter’s Night’ on our A Scandipop Christmas playlist.

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