VIDEO: KEiiNO – ‘Monument’

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A music video?! For one of the best songs of 2021 so far. Fair enough, we’re only one month in – but still, that’s quite an accolade.
What happens in it? It’s 50% Visit Norway, 50% vote for KEiiNO. But we’ll let them explain it.
I’m listening. “During a span of three weeks last fall, we travelled from the south of Norway all the way up north, shooting the music video. The majestic Norwegian landscape stars in the leading role, and several hundred reindeer as the supporting act. We hope the video for ‘Monument’ will inspire people to come and visit our fantastic country when the pandemic ends.”
And what’s with the symbols they hold in the video? “Through the music video we pay tribute to the amazing Norwegian nature, and our own monumental experiences in life and every-day-heroes. You can see me pick up a picture of us from Eurovision in 2019. When I joined KEiiNO I instantly got two new friends for life. The boys have really been part of realising my biggest dream, and become a huge part of my life. They have become the monuments in my life.”
What’s next for KEiiNO? Well on Feb 20th they compete in the final of Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix with this very song (you can watch an earlier performance of it under the music video). If they win, they go on to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest a second time. If they don’t – well, they recorded more new music this week. The hardest working and hardest loving group in pop.

You can find ‘Monument’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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