What’s this? The brand-new single from Norwegian trio KEiiNO, the music video for which they released today.
Another one? Well yes, but this one kinda feels like it’s the REAL follow-up to their Eurovision-smashing debut ‘Spirit In The Sky’.
How so? Sonically speaking, it’s basically part II. A mystical mash-up of schlager, folk and joik, with a modern gloss over the whole thing. And at three minutes, it feels like they’re all set to win the whole thing once again. Televotedly speaking, of course.
Written by? The trio themselves – Alexandra Rotan, Fred Buljo and Tom Hugo – along with Jonas David Kröper and Ash Hicklin. Produced by Rüdiger Schramm.
More from KEiiNO? Taking us back to the euphoria of May is not their only gift – how about taking us all the way back to the glorious ’90s, with ‘Vill Ha Dig‘.

You can find ‘Dancing In The Smoke’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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