What’s this? The latest single from Norwegian artist Julie Bergan. Her first since the release of her debut album, ‘Turn On The Lights‘. And it’s something a little different for her (for a single, at least). It’s a soft and beautiful ballad. Which has just recently led to a soft and beautiful performance of it on Norwegian Idol, and which you can watch below!
What does Julie say? “The song is basically exactly how I felt when I wrote it. Recently I fell in love for the very first time, and I realised how that actually feels. I’ve been writing a lot about love before, but it’s been from a different perspective. More about experiences that my friends and family have had, and how I thought it would be or imagined it to be, but this is 100% honest, and maybe the most vulnerable song I’ve ever written. I’ve always been a person that’s been in control of my feelings, but in this song I let go of that. It’s amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Just like being in love.”
Written by? Kastel and Julie Bergan, produced by Kastel.
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