This girl! Following on from previous singles ‘Bomb‘ and ‘What Are We‘, Swedish up-and-comer Isa today releases the video for her new single ‘Don’t Stop’.
What happens in it? We tried to follow what was going on, but we just couldn’t keep our eyes off Isa to be quite honest. She has SUCH a presence when she’s on screen. A total and utter perfect popstar who genuinely deserves to be globally massive for the rest of her long and prosperous life. She’s brill.
Ok. So you can’t really say anything about the vid? There was a car at one point. We think. Perhaps some other dancers too. Maybe a robot spaceship at the end? But definitely lots of Isa. We saw lots and lots of Isa. Isa.
What’s Isa got lined up this weekend then? She’ll be competing in the Melodifestivalen final, in the hope of representing her country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Here’s how that final is looking.


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