What’s this? Icelandic leather lords Hatari mark the beginning of their Europe Will Crumble tour, with the release of a brand-new music video. This is ‘Engin Miskunn’. ‘No Mercy’, if you needed any idea as to what they are on about.
What happens in it? We have some star performances from Sólbjört, Sigurður and Ástrós in there. Matthias commences the video with one of his trademark marching rants, Einar looks his erotically menacing self (would we have him any other way?), and then it all gets very interesting once Klemens makes an appearance. Watch below to see for yourself, as we couldn’t even begin to do that part justice with mere words.
More from Hatari? They’ve just released their debut album. Check out ‘Neyslutrans‘.

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