VIDEO: HANNA – ‘Don’t Cut Your Angels’

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What’s this? Hailing from Ă–stersund in Sweden, but now living in the UK, Hanna Nygren went and released her debut single at the end of last year, losing her surname for the occasion, while we lost our minds at how good the song is. Now she’s released the music video for the tune. This is ‘Don’t Cut Your Angels’.
What on earth does that mean? It’s about setting your mind to keeping your inner child alive and loud, maintaining a wide-eyed curiosity about life.
Well when you put it like that, that’s an awesome title. Well it’s an awesome song!
What’s it like? Rapturous pop that has one eye on the most neon-lit of ’80s soundscapes, and another on the most joyful of schalger anthems. Needless to say, we were on board with this right away.
Written by? Hanna herself, along with Sam Martin.

You can find ‘Don’t Cut Your Angels’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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