What’s this? The music video for a brand new single from a brand new Eric Saade.
What’s so brand new about Eric Saade? He’s parted ways with his old label, set up his own, and written songs about a period of his life he’s never written about before. And all in Swedish.
And what’s the first song like? Saade doesn’t just go all Swedish on us, he goes all soulful on us too. Though still perfectly intact is his knack for knocking out a sublime chorus. This time though, he’s put a retro-cool gloss over the whole thing. We’re digging this like we digged any of his previous releases. And y’all know we digged those previous releases.
Written by? Eric himself, along with Thomas Stenström, Aron WyMyel and Tobias Bergerwall. Produced by Aron WyMyel.
More from Eric? A whole album is on its way!

You can find ‘Så Jävla Fel’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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