VIDEO: Emmelie De Forest – ‘Typical Love Song’

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What’s this? Eurovision winner (that title must never get old for her) Emmelie De Forest is back with her first release in over three years. This is her new single ‘Typical Love Song’, and the self-made music video for the song which she released yesterday.
What’s it like? Well with this song, she’s completely managed to turn your expectation of her sound on its head. And that’s largely because she’s also turned the ’80s hit ‘Big In Japan’ by German act Alphaville on its head, too.
A cover? More of a slight interpolation – a tribute of sorts. Emmelie brings something completely new to table – composing a brand-new pop tune out of her favourite bits of an old classic. And it’s remarkable how well she slots into this sound right away, already sounding like she’s been doing this kind of top-notch pop for the past few years. We certainly hope she’ll be doing it for the next few years!
Written by? Emmelie De Forest, Adam von Mentzer, Louise Udin and Elise Hedengren join the composers of ‘Big In Japan’ – Bernhard Lloyd, Frank Mertens and Marian Gold – on the credits for this fabulous new pop concoction.

You can find ‘Typical Love Song’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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