ALBUM: Danny Saucedo – The Så Mycket Bättre EP


The latest series of Så Mycket Bättre wrapped at the end of last year, after seven more artists took the time to reinvent and interpret each other’s greatest hits.

There’s been an obvious breakout star of the series, in terms of cumulative Spotify streams and YouTube views. And as with every series of the programme, it’s the artist who was already the most commercially successful and relevant at the time of signing up to the show. This year it’s the turn of Danny Saucedo to reap the digital rewards of the enormous ratings that Så Mycket Bättre still brings in (although it’s this Jill Johnson cover which has proved to be another huge hit on Spotify). And below we’ve gathered together all of his performances from the series (plus his bonus performance of Ted Gärdestad’s ‘För Kärlekens Skull’). In order of how much we enjoyed them.

Of the six tracks, three of them (‘Skepp’, ‘Se Mig’, and ‘Vakna’) have found Danny clearly tapping into the Bieber/Diplo soundscape of 2016. A distorted dance production makes itself known on each of them on or around the chorus. ‘Super 8’ is a cool electro ballad. And ‘Snacket På Stan’ is an instantly charming disco funk number that draws comparisons with one of the biggest hits of the year, ‘Can’t Stop The Feeling’ by Justin Timberlake. The less said about ‘Öppna Upp Ditt Fönster’ the better, but no one’s perfect….

This week, Danny got further proof that his contribution to the show was appreciated – as the album of all seven tracks climbed to number one on the Swedish album chart. His fifth album and his fifth to chart in the top three – though only his second number one album, after ‘Heart Beats’.

Watch all of the performances below. And you can listen to the studio versions of the songs on this week’s number 1 album;

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Snacket På Stan (Tommy Nilsson)

Vakna (Jill Johnson)

Skepp (Freddie Wadling)

Super 8 (Little Jinder)

För Kärlekens Skull (Ted Gärdestad)

Se Mig (Magnus Carlson)

Öppna Upp Ditt Fönster (Lisa Ekdahl)

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