VIDEO: Danny Saucedo – ‘Dör För Dig’

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A new single from Danny Saucedo? And a video too. ‘Dör För Dig’.
What’s it like? We’ll be frank here. It’s not exactly the amazing song we’ve come to expect from a new Danny Saucedo single. The fact that he’s now going in a very different direction sonically doesn’t come into play here, as his previous single ‘Brinner i Bröstet’ was and still is absolutely incredible (and a massive success for him too). ‘Dör För Dig’ is a big step down in quality from that, and that’s a big surprise. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just a generic, forgettable, three minutes of absolute average. And we’ve given it a week and a half to bed in, too. Normally if we don’t like a song, we just won’t feature it here. But it’s a new Danny Saucedo single, so it’s always going to merit a mention. Well, maybe not always if he carries on down this route…
Wow. We can’t hate on it too much though, as it’s an ode to his best mate – which is nice. And it has a key change. So there are SOME saving graces here.
More from Danny? He performed ‘Dör För Dig’ for the first time on TV the weekend before last, as Sommarkrysset. And you can watch that performance below. Of course you can. It’s a new Danny Saucedo single after all.


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