Drunk?! It’s the excellent new single from Icelandic artist Daniel Oliver, released earlier this month.
Drunk in love? Actually it’s more about the special bond that you can form with someone when you’re both under the influence for an evening. Walls coming down, long conversations, that sort of thing.
What’s it like? A supremely well produced affair. And just simply a damn good pop song, even without the production frills. As evidenced by the acoustic video (of the first verse and chorus) that Daniel released of the song this week.
Written by? Daniel himself, along with Jimmy Åkerfors.

You can find ‘Drunk’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

Drunk – Acoustic

Me and my friend Peter were playing in the studio and we made a little acoustic video for my new song Drunk. We only used a piano and my raw voice. Enjoy <3Listen here: goo.gl/DaKjbh

Publicerat av Daníel Óliver den 12 mars 2018

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