What’s this? Swedish artist Boy In Space continues an astoundingly great run of singles with his latest – featuring another Scandipop fave, SHY Martin, this is ‘On A Prayer’. And they’ve just gone and released a music video for it, too.
What does Boy In Space say? “We were playing around with some very twangy chords and lyrics, just joking around really, and it was one of those moments where a joke turns into something kind of interesting. Once we looked at the song with a pop lens, the chorus felt very big and it was clear it needed to be a duet. I’ve been a fan of SHY Martin for a long time and could imagine her vocals on the track while we were still writing it.”
What’s the song like? An irresistible number that you keep coming back to despite the fact that it breaks your heart every time.
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You can find ‘On A Prayer’ on our Best New Pop playlist.


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