What’s this? The latest single from the Swedish artist with the incredible voice, Bishat, who debuted last year with an impressive run of releases. This is her new one. ‘Dream About Me’, the video for which was released over the weekend.
What does Bishat say? “‘Dream About Me’ explores the fear of change in a relationship when things are uncertain and the insecurities that this uncertainty bring. It makes a person cling to what they have whilst fearfully awaiting the change that will inevitably come. The song is intimate and dramatic, invoking the emotions that come from falling in and out of love”.
What does Scandipop say? Her most interesting track to date. It takes her usual sound and style and injects an atmospheric tone into it, via a more electronic production. And then there’s THAT vocal, which floors us every time.
More from Bishat? She’s just released her new mixtape ‘Q417’, which you can check out right here.

You can find ‘Dream About Me’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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