What’s this? The latest single from Norwegian pop sensation Alida. It’s called ‘No Money’.
A pop sensation, is she? In that she’s going from strength to strength with each new release, and this new one is her best one yet. That is pretty sensational, if you ask us. I mean, we thought she’d peaked with ‘Cool With It‘.
But no? No. Or rather, ‘No Money’. This morning she released the music video for the new single, on which she turns the camp-factor up to a quite frankly, ridiculous level. And we’re always big supporters of such behaviour.
What’s so good about it? As choruses go, this one goes, comes back, goes again, and then returns one more time for a final slap around the face. Or at least that’s what it feels like while listening to it.

You can find ‘No Money’ on our Best New Pop playlist.

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