VIDEO: Agnes – ’24 Hours’

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What’s this? Brand-new visuals from Swedish pop icon Agnes – today she releases the music video for her latest single ’24 Hours’.
What’s it like? Agnes is the most exciting popstar in the world right now and she’s serving the soft-focus looks to prove it.
What does Agnes say? “When we need to process a dramatic change in our life, we go through different stages of emotion. The video for 24 hours is based on that journey, and the different personalities that it brings to light. All tailored to help us cope with everything from sadness and frustration to anger and grief. It’s not pretty, but without them we wouldn’t be rewarded with the powerful energy that then helps us move forward.”
And what’s the song like? An extended (well, four minutes is a long time in pop these days!) masterpiece of drum-beats, pounding electro, and fierce vocals. The song plays out like a disco club night in space, with an extra-special appearance from the great lady herself at around the midnight mark – to deliver us a cosmic sermon in the form of the song’s middle-eight. ’24 Hours’ is the ‘Veritas’ to ‘Fingers Crossed’s ‘Dance! Love! Pop!’.
What does Agnes say about the song?’24 Hours’ is about going through the fire and the pain, how your life is turned upside down. Something extreme had to happen for you to wake up and see clearly. It is a Sliding Doors moment and you choose the path forward.
Written by? Agnes herself, along with Vincent Pontare, Salem Al Fakir, Kerstin Ljungström and Maria Hazell.
More from Agnes? There’s a full-length album confirmed! And it’s coming out this autumn.

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