A new Swedish lady singer with which to get acquainted. We will never get tired of this.

Everyone meet Vera Sky (or Josefin Persdotter Wejner to her friends and familyfolk). She’s a former professional soccer player (!!!) who then became an international DJ (Barcelona, Florence, LA, London thank you very much) and who has now settled upon a job as a popstar. Or at least that’s where we hope she’s settled her mind upon. Because we reckon she’s gonna be good at it.

The debut single is ‘Fantasies’, and was released last week. It’s been described as “crystal pop”, which sort of makes sense given that it’s a shimmering piece of electronica that has a delicate kind of prettiness to it. ‘Fantasies’ has Vera Sky slotting into the Scandielectropop soundscape quite seamlessly. You get the impression she’s going to hit the ground running, where this music thing is concerned.


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