Valen:tine: ‘Nowhere’

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This week it was revealed that one of the songs previously reported to be competing in Denmark’s Melodi Grand Prix this year, has now been disqualified. ‘Nowhere’ by Valen:tine. There’s a thorough explanation of all of this already written up here, so we won’t bother repeating it.

What we will though is mention what a shame it is that it has been disqualified – it’s a really good song!

After its disqualification, Valen:tine this morning uploaded the song online for people to listen to, and you can hear it below. It’s a mid-tempo, melodic rock ballad with a fantastic chorus. Sort of like Ana Johnson’s ‘We Are’ crossed with a particularly uplifting and inspirational guitar track by your standard American Disney teen starlet. The strings from the middle eight onwards are a treat and a half!

*sad face*;

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