Terming use of internet videos as a phenomenon is just an underestimation. As every minute pass, Users on YouTube upload videos, and regularly this website streams almost 100 million videos.

Many people hesitate when it comes to using online video marketing to drive more traffic and improve the ranking of their websites. It is not a surprising fact that majority of the webpages find it simpler to achieve top ranking by using video content. This is because firstly there is less video content which you have to compete with for more visibility. Secondly, the videos which are not well optimized, referenced as well as tagged are not easily identified by Google and are not often associated with the right search term or content.

Hence, due to these reasons, there is a great opportunity that you can drive more visitors by merely using a basic video content technique which comprises of all the rules of search engine optimization. You can do it by following these quick tips to improve your videos for SEO. You can also check SEO tips at Scott Keever SEO. If you do not know how to create your video, then you can download it through a Online video Downloader by smallseotools.com. However, don’t forget to implement these easy tips.

  • Select the correct place to host your video

You have two options when it comes to hosting your videos. One is that you can upload it on your website or the second one is to post it on any third-party website like YouTube. The right choice for you depends on your objective.

If you have an aim of getting maximum total video views, then you can upload it on a third-party site like YouTube as it comprises of a lot of built-in audiences.

On the other hand, if your objective is to use the video to attract your potential customer on your webpage or you want to boost the volume of search Referrals of your webpage, then you should upload it on your page. You can check the best servers for hosting your website which will have video content on Mango Matter Media.

  • Choose a good title as well as the description

This is similar to choosing a good heading and description for the content of your website for search engine optimization. You always desire to keep it wordy by including most of your relevant keywords; however, you must keep it user-friendly and not merely start injecting a vast number of keywords.

  • You must use transcriptions

Search engines including Google cannot view the video and get aware of the material which is inside it, attaching text transcripts along with all the videos you post is a tool which can enable search engine and different video sites like Daily motion or YouTube to examine your video content in a better manner.

You can either manually type the transcript of the video by yourself or can use any automatic transcription services to do the task for you. Combining transcripts along with your video can increase the chances to get optimized and gain a high rank.

  • Add video in your sitemaps

If you select hosting your video content on your webpage, then it is significant for you to ensure that the search engines know that they are supposed to index the pages which comprise of videos along with information related to the videos. You can achieve this by developing a video sitemap.

A video sitemap is a sort of document which informs search engine regarding the pages on your website, so they do not forget to index. Hence, a video sitemap would contain the video documents along with thumbnail picture, title, and the description. If your webpage would not have a sitemap, then the search engine will not include your videos directly in the search result pages.

  • Keep the video short

It doesn’t matter how brilliantly you edit the video, you must not expect anyone to watch the video which is more than 10 minutes long. People start losing interest soon. Ask yourself, will you sit and watch a video which is longer than 10 minutes? Majority of the people does not like to watch any video for more than 3 minutes unless it is extremely fascinating.

So, if you have a video content which is of 30 minutes then instead of cropping it, you can create a series of short videos instead. This will help you keep all your viewers engaged through every video without getting bored. Moreover, it will also enable you to optimize more videos for your webpage which will help you drive more traffic to your site and ultimately will enhance your ranking of the search engines.

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