Ulrika: ‘Animal’

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Meet your new favourite Swedish pop song by your new favourite Swedish pop singer. For today anyway. Ulrika and her debut single ‘Animal’.

It’s a balls-out and in-your-face number, bogged down with attitude and then lifted up again with an epic pop chorus. This is something to strut to, with intent. And it also manages to sound a little bit like turn of the century pop music – ie THE golden era of pop. The juxtaposition of sweet sensibilities and a darker attitude is further complimented in the video which you can watch below – that girl in the picture above you, getting into cage fights.

I’m not your typical animal

Ulrika was born and raised in Stockholm, but now lives in Atlanta GA. We don’t know much else about her, other than that she’d previously been making a name for herself on YouTube with covers of other people’s songs. She’s not one of those stories though. This is all very organic, and as far as we can tell she’s doing all this independently.

We don’t know about you, readers – but isn’t it exciting when an artist comes out with a debut single and it’s as good as this?

‘Animal’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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