Quite excitingly, the new Linda Bengtzing track which premiered online last week has popped up on UK iTunes! For a single which we assumed would be confined to a few countries in mainland Europe, it was a nice surprise to be able to buy it online this morning from our bedroom in London. ‘Not That Kinda Girl’ is a duet with Kim Lian. We wrote about it a few weeks back here, and you can also see the video at that link too.

Speaking of European singles being available on UK iTunes this week, we also bought ‘Crazy Loop’ by…..Crazy Loop! Strictly speaking, it’s not Scandinavian, it’s actually Romanian – but it’s amazing enough to be mentioned here! Crazy Loop is Dan Balam from O-Zone, who had a massive hit five years ago with ‘Dragostea Din Tei’. The ‘Crazy Loop’ song is similar in that it has an insanely infectious nonsensical chorus that’s kind of impossible to get out of your head. It takes about three or four listens to get hooked, but once you are hooked, that’s it! Try it, we dare you!

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