Tove Styrke: ‘Call My Name’ – a new video!

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tovestyrke e1328692204258

Tove Styrke has gone and unleashed another video for last year’s amazing ‘Call My Name’ single.

One would think it was hardly necessary since the original video was fine and dandy as it was. But we’re guessing that this is for the German market – to mark the occasion of the song having been chosen as the theme tune to a new show that’s just started over there. The single has also just been released in Germany, that’s the new artwork you see above. We’re also hoping that this means that ‘Call My Name’ and Tove herself will now get a launch in other territories too, since a release in only Germany wouldn’t really warrant a new video by itself.

We’re big fans of Tove though, so we’re not complaining. Here’s another chance to gaze at her doing her thing, and another excuse to listen to that fab song of hers.

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