As the title spells out – all of Tove Lo’s 20 singles as a lead artist ranked in order of our preference. From 2012’s debut single ‘Love Ballad’, to last month’s ‘I’m Coming’, we’ve revisited the lot of them, measured our love for each, and sorted them from 20 down to the absolute number 1.

Check out all 20 of these singles, along with the best of the rest of her tracks, on our Tove Lo & Behold playlist!


20. Scars
From the Allegiant soundtrack. So as not to clutter up any of Tove’s albums, thankfully.

19. Jacques
Je m’appelle Tove, get the show on the road, I’m down for one night, let’s go“. BANG. It’s a wild ride from here on in.

18. Bad As The Boys
A sapphic spin on the tale-as-old-as-time that is the summer romance.

17. Really Don’t Like U
The ‘Sunshine Kitty’ album had its hit relating to loving girls (see previous entry), so to redress the balance, it gave us the anthem for hating girls, too. Or at least really not liking them, anyway.

16. Bikini Porn
A couple of months after the ‘Sunshine Kitty’ album, Tove announced to the world that ‘oh wait – I’ve got one more banger for you’. And we lapped it up.

15. Cool Girl
Returning after the ‘Queen of the Clouds’ album, this was Tove Lo’s re-introduction to us as the coolest girl in pop. A throne she’s yet to dismount from.

14. Influence
Released soon after ‘Cool Girl’ and just before the ‘Lady Wood’ album, this served its purpose of ramping up excitement for the album quite considerably.

13. Not On Drugs
Baby Tove. One of the singles that made the successful transition from the ‘Truth Serum’ EP to the ‘Queen of the Clouds’ album. And one of the few on which, actually, she’s not on drugs, thank you very much!

12. Disco Tits
Does exactly what it promises from its title, in that it’s disco and its the absolute fucking tits.

11. Love Ballad
Similar in style and production to ‘Habits’, this is probably that song’s younger sister. So where ‘Habits’ talks about hanging around the school gates to pick up Dads, ‘Love Ballad’ is behind those very school gates working through the dramas of its teenage crush.

10. Bitches
The single version, featuring Icona Pop, Elliphant, Alma and Charli XCX. “Dripping in harmony – like fifth“. And if we ever rank Tove Lo’s music videos, this will be at number 1.

09. Glad He’s Gone
A generation’s go-to anthem for sisterhood and solidarity in the face of men being a bit shit.

08. Out of Mind
A single that surprisingly didn’t make the transition from ‘Truth Serum’ to ‘Queen of the Clouds’. The chorus finds Tove at her most raw, and we love that insight into her.

07. Moments
On good days I am charming as fuck“. An honest admission of imperfection, but a plea for you to see all the good bits instead. Incredible songwriting.

06. I’m Coming
Tove’s most recent release, she’s delivered an English-language cover of Veronica Maggio’s seminal ‘Jag Kommer’, putting her own quality stamp on it.

05. Sweettalk My Heart
The highlight of Tove’s most recent album, ‘Sunshine Kitty’. A song on which she unlocked her melodic big-guns and brought them out blazing.

04. Talking Body
This one’s particularly electric as it’s one of her most sexually charged songs – which, if you’re familiar with her repertoire, you’ll know is no small feat.

03. Habits (Stay High)
Eight years later and this is still the quintessential Tove Lo song. The bathtub, the sex clubs, the Twinkies and the daddies in the playground – iconic lyrics that will be synonymous with her for the rest of her career.

02. True Disaster
On her second album ‘Lady Wood’, this was the song that served as the throwback to her previous album ‘Queen Of The Clouds’, but ended up being better than everything on there. Well – almost everything….

01. Timebomb
Not like anything else she’s ever recorded, it could almost be a song that she’d written intending for it to go to another artist. But we’re so glad she kept it for herself. Her most sparkling, most explosive, most satisfying moment to date.

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