Tonight: Heat 1 of Melodifestivalen!

Stockholm is awash with excitement about tonight’s Melodifestivalen launch;

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And ok, perhaps we were a bit TOO RASH when we wrote off all of yesterday’s clips as being a bit dire and not worthy of a second listen. We ended up going back to them a few more times, and actually¬†quite like a few of them! Still though, we do believe that at least a couple of them should have been a bit more instant. Although of course we’re reserving complete judgement until seeing tonight’s performances and hearing the songs in full.

At the moment though, here’s our quick summing up of each

Ola – The verses lack any sort of punch. And the chorus isn’t exactly catchy either. But we do like the music.
Jenny Silver – We like this, but it’s a bit odd isn’t it?! Certainly in the context of Melodifestivalen anyway. But we’re very curious to hear it in full.
Linda Pritchard – Disappointing, because we were expecting a lot better. Like Ola, it lacks any punch in the verses. The chorus is good though. But that’s all.
Pain of Salvation – This could be good. Especially if it keeps building throughout the song.
Anders Ekborg – This might just be our favourite based on the clips! The chorus is great! The closest thing to schlager in this heat. We’re looking forward to the inevitable key change.
Jessica Andersson – This had better get VERY big and bold in later stages of the song. It’s got the potential to be amazing if it does so.
Frispråkarn РAbsolut Rot! Although we do like the bassline!
Salem Al Fakir – We like this one a lot. We love any song that uses strings aplenty. And it’s the most interesting and intriguing of the lot.

Our Predition
Straight to the final: Salem Al Fakir and Pain of Salvation
Andra Chansen: Anders Ekborg and then either Jessica Andersson or Ola

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