Tone Damli featuring Eric Saade: ‘Imagine’

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Last month at the Melodifestivalen after-party, Mr Eric Saade confided in us that he was working on some new music with a Norwegian popstar of the lady variety. “It’s Tone Damli, isn’t it” we asked, projecting our hope that our favourite Swedish pop boy was making a song with our favourite Norwegian pop girl. “Oh!…..Uhm, yes it is” he replied, maybe slightly disappointed that we hadn’t allowed him to continue the intrigue for any longer. “But it’s a secret“, he continued. “Ok, no problem. Wow, she’s really pretty isn’t she?!”. “Yeah“, he replied, “I’m gonna work on making her my new girlfriend“. “Really?!” we asked, projecting our hope that our favourite Swedish pop boy would get together with our favourite Norwergian pop girl. “Haha, no. Not really“, he mocked.

And so it’s finally here for us to listen to. Tone Damli has released her latest album, ‘Looking Back’ – a sort of Greatest Hits affair, with some new tracks. And one of these new tracks is ‘Imagine’ featuring Eric Saade.

In truth, it actually sounds more like an Eric Saade song than a  Tone Damli song. But that’s because Eric himself wrote it, alongside the same team behind most of Eric’s recent output – J-Son, and Jason Gill, plus Leslie Tay. It’s laidback, feelgood pop with a down and dirty electro bass. Uplifting as FUCK! We had piled expectations extremely high onto this, based on the names involved. So there was plenty of room to disappoint. But it genuinely hasn’t. Thank Christ.

And if you’re not familiar with the tunes of Tone Damli but are impressed with ‘Imagine’ – DO also check out her previous single, which is one of our favourite songs of the year so far – ‘Look Back‘.

Here’s ‘Imagine’;

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