Tommy Fredvang: ‘Vampyrane’

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Norwegian rockpop icon temporarily turns Norwegian electropop icon. Tommy Fredvang has broken out the synths!

Some of you will know him from his participation in Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix last year, and others will know him from his stint on Norwegian X Factor. And then the rest of you won’t know him at all. But let this be a suitable introduction to him. His latest single, showcasing a brand new sound. ‘Vampyrane’.

The song is up-tempo sadness. One of those heart wrenching melodies for a chorus, coupled with melancholic synths. We feel for the guy, we really do – but it does make for a splendid listen.

Aesthetically speaking, fans of the 7th hottest guy in Scandinavian pop music in 2012, will be pleased to see that he gets his kit off in the video. Like, all of it. Granted, the best parts are covered up by the naked flesh of his female companion, but still – he gets it off.

The single has been released outside of Norway too.

Vampyrane - Single - Tommy Fredvang


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