Titanix: ‘Genom Nattan’

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It’s been a while since we had a dansband post on here. TOO long, in fact.

So let’s talk about Titanix.

We’ve long been keeping an expectant eye on Titanix. Ever since they delivered what is THE definitive version of the Swedish dansband classic ‘Gråt Inga Tårar’ – revel in their version here – we knew that they were on the verge of something that would be right up our dim lit alley. The album they went on to release last year, ‘Mitt i Ett Andetag’ was a treat in itself, but new album ‘Genom Natten’ from last month, reaches new levels of our very own interpretation of enjoyable.

It’s their 4th album to date. And the reason why we like it so much can probably be narrowed down to one reason. You know that pesky habit that a lot of dansbands have, of releasing an album with one or two phenomenal schlager tracks to lure the likes of us in, and then filling the rest of it with piss drivel country mediocrity (ie – more traditional dansband music)? Well Titanix haven’t done that with ‘Genom Natten’. In fact, around half of the songs on there could quite easily be played out on the Melodifestivalen stage and would probably rank amongst some of our favourites in any given year.

Those schlager-esque gems are really easy to find, too. All you have to do is look for which songs clock in at around the 3 minute mark, and they’re the most schlager-tastic. Funny that!

30 second previews of the each of the tracks can be streamed here.

‘Ingenting Kan Stoppa Mig’ is the big highlight for us. But also look out for ‘Ängeln i Min Säng’, ‘Precis Som Jag Är’ and the title track ‘Genom Natten’ for more Abba flavoured high campery. Then there’s ‘Now Or Never’ for its ‘In A Moment Like This’-esque mid-tempo/80’s rock/schlager ridiculousnessness.

One day we will make an almighty dansband schlager playlist on Spotify, on which Titanix will feature quite heavily. And we will never listen to anything else again. We’ll share it on here when we do.

Folks from outside of Sweden can pick up the the new Titanix CD, ‘Genom Natten’, from our online store here.

Genom natten - Titanix




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