Tips To Prepare For Your Next Gig

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Ah, gigs. They’re loud, sweaty, and packed with people you have to fight in order to come closer to the stage. If you’re a performer, then gigs are your natural habitat, however, when performing at a live show, it’s essential to prepare for it, so you’ll be free to relax and have fun. A nervous and worried musician can’t clearly communicate with the audience, so for that particular reason, here are some useful tips that will help you get ready and have the best gig of your life.

1. Prepare your setlist

Gigs can be nerve-wracking, especially for new performers, so before you start planning anything else, make sure to learn your tracks and have at least one rehearsal before the main show. Whether you’re having a solo performance, or you’re opening for a bigger act, being prepared is the key to a successful gig. Additionally, if you’re playing an instrument, then be sure that it’s properly tuned and plugged in before you start performing. If remembering lyrics isn’t your strong suit, then prepare them in advance, so you’ll be able to have a glance in case you get stuck.

2. Dress to impress, but be smart about it

Dressing up for a gig is an endless dilemma, therefore, it’s essential to be smart when picking your perfect outfit. If you want to show off your artistic image, then fine, but if comfort is your main goal, then it’s best to go with comfortable jeans or trousers, a t-shirt, and a type of footwear that will allow you to stand and dance without feeling any discomfort. If you want to add something extra to your outfit, then feel free to go with different accessories such as earrings, rings, and necklaces.

3. Don’t go overboard with makeup 

Makeup can really add to your look, however, if you want to look elegant, then make sure to keep things subtle. Covering your blemishes is fine, as long as you don’t wear too many layers of makeup because that can cause skin issues such as acne and clogged pores. If natural and nude tones are your preference, then it’s best to check out the best makeup products for no makeup look — as that will make you look fresh-faced and glamorous at the same time. Minimal makeup is perfect for gig atmosphere, as then you won’t have to worry about your eyeliner or mascara melting in the heat and sweat. 

4. Interact with the crowd

Animating the crowd is important because only a happy crowd can make your gig go well. So, be sure to ask them questions, and if you’re singing some well-known material, then let them sing too. When going to a gig, people love to be included and acknowledged by the performer. Aside from that, make sure to interact with people after the gig ends. That way, you’ll be able to learn more about your potential supporters. Don’t be afraid to sign autographs and take pictures, even if it feels a bit uncomfortable at first. People who are avid gig-goers also enjoy talking to performers, especially after the show. Therefore, make sure to give them some of your attention, even only for half an hour. 


Paving your way in the music world is a hard process, and performing live plays a huge role. These tips will surely help you get ready for the gig, as long as you remember to stay calm and excited at the same time. Also, if possible, avoid drinking before the show, especially if you’re just starting out. Being a musician requires you to be present and aware, so if you want to relax, feel free to do so after you get off the stage.

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