What’s this? ‘Tis Eurovision week. And Daði Freyr is marking the occasion of what may well have been the week that he gave Iceland its first ever contest win, with the release of a high-profile new mix of his would-have-been winning song.
Would it have been the winning song, though? That, we will never know. But the vast majority of polls, fan votes and national broadcaster replacement contests are certainly making it look that way.
And what’s the remix like? Courtesy of one of Daði Freyr’s favourite acts, Hot Chip, the remix takes the unassuming simplicity of the original, and inserts it into more unfamiliar surroundings, namely a hyper-electronic soundscape. That the song’s charm still manages to stand out, and in many ways exude a freshness despite four-month-old familiarity, is a nice testament to both the original composition and the brand-new production it’s been gifted.
What does Daði Freyr say?Hot Chip has been a huge influence on my music for the last ten years and a big reason for why my music sounds the way it does today. It is truly an honour to have them remix the song. I’m so happy about this!
More from Daði Freyr? Tomorrow night he’ll be live-streaming a concert for free, in which he’ll be performing covers of Eurovision songs. Expect the usual adorable and dorky shenanigans that have made him such a fave this Eurovision season. You’ll be able to watch at 21.40 CET over on his YouTube channel.

You can find ‘Think About Things’ (Hot Chip) on our Best New Synthpop playlist.

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