Things to Avoid when Playing UK Slots

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Slots games are loved in every corner of the world and the UK is no different. You can be hugely successful at playing games online at Star Slots but there are some things that you should always try to avoid.

Playing without Researching

Never start playing on a slots game online without researching into the specific slots game that you are wanting to play. You need to look into whether this is the correct game for you to be playing and how it correlates to you as a player. For example, you need to know whether you have a good chance of being able to win with the bankroll that you have in place and you want to be able to use your credit wisely, not blow it all in a single spin because the minimum bet level was too high. Researching the information from the gaming developers about their game as well as reading reviews from actual players can be hugely insightful and can enable you to discover whether you will be successful and will enjoy your gaming experience without wasting your cash trying to find out. 

Forgetting to Bankroll

 Setting yourself a bankroll before you start playing online slots in the UK or anywhere else in the world is a good and responsible habit to get in to. This protects you as a person, your finances and wider aspects of your personal life. You never want to get yourself into a situation where you cannot afford to be betting with the money that you are currently betting with. Once you have set a bankroll, you should never increase your credit level even if you are really enjoying the slots game you are playing, just want a few more minutes of play, want to try a new slots game or think that a good and profitable run might be just around the corner. Getting into the habit of stopping your playtime once your credit has run out is advised. 

Avoiding the RTP and Volatility Level

If you do not look into the RTP and volatility levels before you start playing your desired slots game then you will have absolutely no idea if you are on to a winner or not. The RTP, or return to player, is the way in which you are able to see if you are in with a good chance of being able to see a good return on the money you are gambling on your slots game. The higher the percentage, the more likely you are to be able to get your money back and even make money when you are playing, although the wins may not be enormous but the frequency of these wins will be often. You should also make sure that you take notice of the volatility level so that you can see whether this is a game you are likely to be able to win at and the size of the win you may accomplish. This is displayed in one of three levels usually: low, mid and high, although they often overlap to create sub-levels such as mid to high volatility. The low volatility games mean that you will win more often but the size of the wins will be smaller. The high volatility games mean that you will win less often, taking longer to win and more cash to be able to do so, but when you do win, these wins will be much more substantial. It is the high to very high volatility slots games where the millionaires and multi-millionaires can occur through just one spin of the reel. 

Don’t Always Play Progressive Slots

Progressive slots games can be great fun to play and the anticipation, excitement and butterflies you get from playing can sometimes be the reason people want to play this style of slots game. But they aren’t always the best way forward, especially if the excitement of playing is not your main reason for playing. If you are looking for a slots game with a higher chance of being able to win, then playing a progressive slots game is not the thing to do. This is because a progressive slots game has a big pool of players from over the UK and a percentage of each bet placed goes into the jackpot. This is why the jackpot is so big, so enticing and so appealing. But with so many players competing for one prize, the chances of you being able to win are significantly reduced. Therefore, it would make sense for you to also try and play on non-progressive slots games where the jackpot size remains at a steady total, and although it won’t ever be as big as a progressive slots jackpot, it will be much more likely that you will win because there are less people competing for the prize. 

Play when Negative

You should never play slots games online or participate in any form of gambling when you are not in a positive frame of mind. Doing so commonly leads to bad decisions being made, can lead to addiction and is also one of the main contributing factors for people getting into financial distress. You should always play online slots games when you are in a positive, happy mindset so that you are in full control of your choices. This is also why slots games should never be played when you are under the influence, overtired or when you are no longer enjoying playing the game. The typically associated phrases with gambling or betting of any kind is “when the fun stops, stop!” and that’s exactly what you should always remember to do. You never want to leave yourself open or vulnerable to being in a difficult situation, so only playing when you are happy, positive and in a good place mentally is a great way to ensure that you are never at risk. But if you think you are at risk, you should always seek help from a professional as soon as possible.

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