The United: ‘Come On! Come On! Happy With Smile’

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Here’s a completely OTT ridiculous boyband song. OTT ridiculous in a good way obviously. In an *NSync’s ‘I Need Love’ kinda way – in terms of comparing it to another boyband song. It’s The United, with ‘Come On! Come On! Happy With Smile’. Not a typo. Not our own exclamation marks. That’s the actual title.

We’ve written about The United a couple of times before. But if you weren’t around these parts then, basically their schtick is that they are five guys from five different European countries – Sweden, Italy, Germany, Holland, and the UK. Their management team and most of their music however, comes from Norway.

Christ know where this song came from though. But we’re mighty pleased it’s arrived. What is it? It’s a big, cheesy, bubblegum, schlager, hi-energy, Japanese arcade game soundtrack kinda song. Hitz for Kidz. But we’re gonna keep listening to it regardless. Send help.

The single (we don’t really need to type out that title again, do we?) is out now and has been released worldwide.


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