The UK Midweeks

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The first midweek charts of the week were published this morning, giving an indication of how the official singles chart will look on Sunday. We’re interested in this for two reasons this week – Star Pilots and Eurovision!

51Ym93%2BCG5L. SL160 AA115Star Pilots are at number 28 having sold 2,880 units (399 of those on CD) by close of business last night. We’re not too worried about that though because it’s made a massive jump in the iTunes chart in the last 24 hours. So should be a goreat deal higher come Sunday. Yesterday morning it was 81 on iTunes, now it’s at 27.

41BobyrO ML. SL160 AA115Big winner of the week is Alexander Rybak, Norway’s Eurovision entry. ‘Fairytale is at number 3 on sales of 14,677 downloads – which is bloody incredible when you come to think of it! Iceland’s Yohanna is at number 25 with 3,355 units sold, and Finland’s Waldo’s People is at 66 with 1,180 sold. UK, Germany and Estonia are the only other countries in the UK midweeks, at places 15, 52, and 69 respectively.

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