The scandipop awards 2011: THE NOMINATIONS!

Is it that time of the year again already?!

Yep! It’s time for the third annual scandipop awards. Where we look back over the last 12 months of Scandinavian pop music, take stock of all of it, and give recognition to the absolute best. Not just the songs and the albums, but also the artists creating and delivering them too. 2011 has been a stellar year for Scandinavian pop, particularly with new artists that have broken through, but also thanks to some long awaited comebacks. And this year’s awards shortlist has actually been the most difficult one to compile so far – with a lot of amazing songs, albums and artists just missing out on some of the categories, and thus not getting a single mention, which is a little bit heartbreaking, since we love them so much! But it does mean of course that the below nominations are the best of the best.

The rules for eligibility are that the song and album must have been released in 2010 of course. And for the artist categories, as always we’ve only really gone for artists that have either released an album or EP over the last 12 months, or at the very least had a very active 2010 in terms of gigs, appearances, and releases. That’s why, for example, the winner of the Best Female award for the last two years running, Velvet, hasn’t been nominated for Best Female this year – it’s because she hasn’t really had an active year in music. Etc etc etc.

We’ve also dropped a number of categories, and replaced them with new ones. And we’ve created a seperate category for dance music and also for dansband/classic schlager music. The reason being that it seems a bit silly to have the likes of Tim Berg and Eric Prydz compete with the likes of Eric Saade and Ola in the regular pop categories – their music is so different, but we love both. Likewise with the dansband/classic schlager category – otherwise you’ve got Robyn competing with Anne-Lie Rydé, and Tove Styrke up against Nanne! Not only does it seem a bit wrong, it’s also incredibly difficult to judge and to be subjective.

We don’t think that anything else needs explaining, so on with the nominations then! As always, we’ll leave these to stew for a few weeks over the festive season, and announce the results in the new year, early in January. There’s no public vote – we decide the winners ourselves. But please do leave any comments, feedback, thoughts, predictions, or utter disdain, in the comments section below!


Best Female
Elin Lanto
Jenni Vartiainen
Jenny Berggren
Tove Styrke

Best Male
Cristal Snow
Eric Saade
Erik Hassle
Magnus Carlsson

Best Group
Ace of Base
Le Kid
Love Generation

Best New Artist
Eric Saade
Le Kid
Love Generation
Tove Styrke

Best Female Album
Elin Lanto – ‘Love Made Me Do It’
Hera Björk – ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’
Jenni Vartiainen – ’Seili’
Linda Sundblad – ’Manifest’
Robyn – ’Body Talk’
Tove Styrke – ’Tove Styrke’

Best Male Album
Bjørn Johan Muri – ‘Airwaves’
Cristal Snow – ‘God You Made Me Wicked’
Darin – ‘Lovekiller’
Eric Saade – ‘Masquerade’
Magnus Carlsson – ‘Pop Galaxy’
Ola – ‘Ola’

Best Group Album
Ace of Base – ‘The Golden Ratio’
Infernal – ‘Fall From Grace’
Play – ’Under My Skin’
Page – ‘Nu’
Sukkerchok – ‘De 1000 Drømmes Nat’
Timoteij – ‘Längtan’

Best Album from a New Artist
Bjørn Johan Muri – ‘Airwaves’
Eric Saade – ‘Masquerade’
Erik Grönwall – ‘Somewhere Between A Rock And A Hard Place’
Swedish House Mafia – ‘Until One’
Timoteij – ‘Längtan’
Tove Styrke – ‘Tove Styrke’

Best Female Single
Alice – ‘I Wanna Live’
Hera Björk – ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’
Robyn – ‘Dancing On My Own’
September – ‘Resuscitate Me’
Therese – ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’
Tove Styrke – ‘White Light Moment’

Best Male Single
Basshunter – ‘Saturday’
Darin – ‘Lovekiller’
Eric Saade – ‘It’s Gonna Rain’
Eric Saade – ‘Manboy’
Magnus Carlsson – ‘Feel You’
Ola – ‘All Over The World’

Best Group Single
Ace of Base – ‘All For You’
Gravitonas – ‘Religious’
Le Kid – ‘We Should Go Home Together’
Love Generation – ‘Love Generation’
Star Pilots – ‘I’m Alive’
Timoteij – Kom’

Best Single from a New Artist
Eric Saade – ‘It’s Gonna Rain’
Eric Saade – ‘Manboy’
Gravitonas – ‘Religious’
Love Generation – ‘Love Generation’
Timoteij – Kom’
Tove Styrke – ‘White Light Moment

Best Video
Cristal Snow – ‘Killing Me’
Darin – ‘Lovekiller’
Gravitonas – ‘Kites’
Gravitonas – ‘You Break Me Up’
Magnus Carlsson – ‘A Little Respect’
September – ‘Resuscitate Me’

Best Remix
Anna Bergendahl – ‘This Is My Life’ (Niclas Kings Remix)
Elin Lanto – ‘Tickles’ (Almighty Remix)
Le Kid – ‘Mercy Mercy’ (Kaus Remix)
Le Kid – ‘Mercy Mercy’ (Stay The Mix)
Robyn – ’Dancing On My Own’ (Buzz Junkies Remix)
September – ‘Resuscitate Me’ (Buzz Junkies Remix)

Best Dance/Club Record
Alex Says & Sibel – ‘United As One’
Pryda – ‘Niton’
Swedish House Mafia – ‘One’
Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah – ‘Miami 2 Ibiza’
Therese – ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’
Tim Berg – ‘Seek Bromance’

Best Collaboration
Agnes & Björn Skifs – ‘When You Tell The World You’re Mine’
Alex Sayz & Sibel – ‘United As One’
Chanee & N’evergreen – ‘In A Moment Like This’
Linda Bengtzing & Velvet – ‘Victorious’
Petter & September – ‘Baksmälla’
Swedish House Mafia & Tinie Tempah – ’Miami 2 Ibiza’

Best Dansband/Classic Schlager Artist
Anne-Lie Rydé
CC & Lee

Best Dansband/Classic Schlager Album
Anne-Lie Rydé – ’Dans På Rosor’
Drifters – ’Stanna Hos Mig’
Nanne – ’En Rastlös Själ’
Scotts – ’Vi Gör Det Igen’
Titanix – ’Drommar Får Liv’
Zekes – ’En Sån Natt’

scandipop’s Brightest New Hope for 2011
Jimi Constantine
Ulrik Munther

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