Eric Saade is back with a brand new album released next week. ‘Saade Vol.2’ is a ten track follow-up to the summer’s hugely successful (and hugely amazing) ‘Saade Vol.1’. You can have a read about what Eric himself had to say about the album here.

It’s released on November 30th, but hooray and hurrah – Eric is giving readers a preview of each of the new songs – every day, ahead of the album’s release.

Let’s start right now then, shall we?!

Love Is Calling’
(Jason Gill/ Robin Fredriksson/ Mattias Larsson/ Eric Saade)
Produced by Jason Gill

[audio:|titles=04 LOVE IS CALLING_snippet]

A song with two choruses and a post-chorus? Oh yes! ‘Love Is Calling’ sounds like the better moments of Volume 1, and was written by the same foursome of fellows that were behind ‘Made Of Pop’, ‘Timeless’, and ‘Echo’. It’s so heavy with hooks that it really doesn’t release you without a fight! Long after it had finished we were still hearing “brings my heartbeat back, brings my heartbeat ba-a-a-ack“.

Oh – and one extra bit of news. Ahead of the album’s release, Eric is releasing an album sampler on Spotify this Friday, November 25th. It’ll include four tracks, including ‘Love Is Calling’.



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